MWT - Around the park

Chris and I were at Reid Park Sunday morning for our son's running event. Since we would be there for a couple of hours, I decided to explore the path that goes around the park. The weather was a cool 40 F and there was still frost on some of the grassy slopes at the golf course.

Raven on top of a telephone pole
I don't know what building this is but it looked old and I liked the details on it.
A bank on Broadway Boulevard

El Con Mall across the street with snow on the Catalina Mountains in the distance
Lizard decoration on a home near the park
Mystery bird identified as Vermilion Flycatcher by EileeninMD.
Peaceful duck pond
Starlings on a saguaro cactus in the parking lot
I got back to the north side of the park just in time to see Kevin finish running his 10K.
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