Jane Goodall

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall, world-renowned primatologist, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace.  This was my second time hearing this inspiring lady speak at Pima Community College.

Jane began researching chimpanzee behavior 50 years ago and today is on a global mission to empower others to make a difference for all living things.  She’s on the road 300 days per year spreading her message of hope for our planet.

Jane Goodall urges parents and educators to look into her Roots and Shoots program.  Roots and Shoots is about making positive changes for communities, animals, and for the environment.

Roots and Shoots


(This last photo is from her website)

At the root of Dr. Jane Goodall's philosophy is the belief that every individual matters and makes a difference.

She encourages sustainable living and protection of animals and wild places.

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Wild Bunnies

Greetings from the Sonoran Desert in the Southwestern US!  Here is a mosaic of three different bunnies seen in the natural desert this spring.


First row: Desert Cottontail Sylvilagus audubonii

Second row: Black-tailed Jackrabbit Lepus californicus

Third row: White-tailed Jackrabbit  Lepus townsendii


Desert Cottontail in a field of tiny wildflowers:

Bristly Nama or Sandbells

Nama hispidum





White-tailed Jackrabbit






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By the water station

Shadows and birds were found yesterday morning at a running event at a park in Tucson.  First the shadows…

volunteers carrying water

men’s race


women's race

some runners go by the station without taking water

some take a cup of water

others prefer to have water thrown on them

It’s all good!

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Now, for some birds at the park…

female Vermilion Flycatcher

camera-shy male Vermilion Flycatcher

Tropical Kingbird

Lesser Goldfinch with nesting material

Gambel's quail on a bench catching morning sunlight and breeze

Gambel's quail

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Reflections at the watering hole

"Without the rigidity of concepts, the world becomes transparent and illuminated, as though lit from within. With this understanding, the interconnectedness of all that lives becomes very clear. We see that nothing is stagnant and nothing is fully separate, that who we are, what we are, is intimately woven into the nature of life itself. Out of this sense of connection, love and compassion arise."

From: 'Loving-Kindness - The Revolutionary Art of Happiness' ~Sharon Salzberg

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Skywatch - April Showers










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Yellow Wonderland

Brittlebush is blooming!

Brittlebush  Encelia farinosa is a desert shrub related to the sunflower.

 brittlebush 13


Lately, it seems no one can resist heading for the hills to enjoy the color yellow.   And, who could blame them?

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Reflections at the Oasis

These pictures are from last month when I went exploring and came upon an old horse trail.  I looked over the railing on top of the embankment and couldn’t believe how non-desert-like the area seemed with the water and green grass.  Just when I started taking some reflection photos, I had an eerie feeling that I was not alone.










Sure enough, there were two coyotes watching me.  I backed away because I’m afraid of them.

Just the day before I had seen a coyote tearing into a javelina (wild boar-like animal).  I’m so glad to have 20x zoom on my camera to snap pictures from a safe distance.

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Looking up at the sky

Mostly blue skies and mild temperatures here for the past couple of weeks, perfect weather for enjoying nature outdoors with a camera. The photo meme Skywatch Friday encourages participants to gaze skyward.  Things seem optimistic from that perspective, don’t they?

Join the fun and see skies from around the world at Skywatch Friday hosted by Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, and Sylvia.

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