Desert Sunrise

Greetings from the Sonoran Desert! I have some skywatch pictures to share from my walk yesterday morning. I started at 7:20 AM when it was pretty dark out. Cars still had headlights on.

The temperature was a bit nippy for me, about 40 F.

When the saguaro cactus blocked the rising sun, the air looked a little misty.

I turned around, and the tops of the hills to the west had started to glow.

Then some trees and cacti lit up.

Quickly, the clouds disappeared and the whole area took on a warm yellow hue. This little verdin was seen basking in the sun at the top of a mesquite tree. Soon there were all sorts of sounds and activities to notice. All these changes happened within a half hour.
Watching the sunrise in the desert or anywhere is so exciting, every moment is fresh and new. I am reminded of a quote from the 2006 movie, Peaceful Warrior, "There is never nothing going on."

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