Skywatching Close to Home

In my desert community, homes are spaced so closely together that large chunks of the views are of stucco exteriors, cinder block walls and rooftops. In many ways it seems like a concrete jungle, which is why I often walk and watch the sky from nearby natural areas. But it is possible to enjoy the sky close to home.

Stepping outside the door early Sunday morning, I spied the full moon through the trees and could also hear owls and coyotes.
Standing in the middle of the street, facing east and zooming in all the way with my camera, I found a serene canyon view.

Checking out bits of the sky in the late afternoon:Going out to the sidewalk for a bigger view of the sky:

At sunset, focusing close-up on a jojoba plant, it became a dark silhouette in front of warm colors. I wondered if sunset colors would have been any better from somewhere else, somewhere more "special" with less concrete.
But the question fell away, and what remained was a peaceful connection to those colors and to everything beyond.

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