Cactus Monday - Downtown

Our recent trip to Downtown Tucson made me realize how little I know about the city's center. I'm learning that "The Old Pueblo," as Tucson is nicknamed, has many facets that are worth exploring. We did stumble upon some cactus and other plant forms on our quick trip, but we barely scratched the surface.

This is one of two matching metal basket towers on Scott Avenue at Broadway. It appears the bottom of the obelisk has information about the architecture of the area. Something to check out on on another visit.
The top looks like a Hohokam basket filled with prickly pears and some other plants.
A saguaro harvest is taking place on the lower portion of this wall treatment.
Notice the similar shapes of the basket tower and the Native American figure on the tiles.
A saguaro cactus echos the shapes of the archways in the superior court building.
A purple saguaro bus stop shelter:
This was my favorite bus stop:
At first I thought the big flower was a cactus blossom, but the trailing vines and leaves look like they belong to the rose family.
The flower's filaments are twisted steel rebar. I liked their shadows.
Another giant metal flowering plant sprouts out from the ground beside a sidewalk:
More plant forms on walls of buildings:
The artwork below is hard to see because of the busy reflection. The window has a wrought iron saguaro cactus with a bird and a human figure. It's across the street from the Chicago Store on Congress Street.
I'm kind of curious how the muscle man relates to the cactus here. Looks like they might be saying, "cheers!"
Happy Cactus Monday!

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