Watery Wednesday - Rainy Morning

This is my first time participating in Watery Wednesday. Here in the desert, it can be a challenge to find watery things to post about. Especially when there's a drought, and the creek by my house isn't flowing. However, on Sunday morning it rained!

When I went to the supermarket, I snapped this picture of the parking lot because it looked so different from usual. The pavement was dark, shiny and wet, and clouds hung above the mountains.

Zooming in on the mountains, I noticed a little sprinkling of snow!

Back home again, I found a puddle on the front sidewalk:

And in the backyard, some rain had soaked into the wood of the compost bin.

Droplets of water decorated plants. It was still not enough rain to make the creek start flowing yet, but maybe when the snow in the mountains melts. Thanks for visiting and sharing in my excitement of rain in the desert.

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