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Yesterday the boys came over with their laptops as they often do on Sundays.  We like to hook a computer up to the TV screen to view interesting things from the internet.  So anyways, one of my sons noticed a scorpion running across the floor, and right into his computer port!

These little bark scorpions are venomous, so I prefer them to be outside.

In case some of you don’t like to see arachnids, I offer a pretty Plumbago, one of the few flowers still blooming in the garden this season:

And, a peaceful mourning dove sunning in the platform feeder:

The Pyracantha berries look ripe.  Surprisingly, none of our regular backyard birds eat them.  Last year a hermit thrush was seen sampling some. 

There’s Billy Cat, lounging on his chaise on the patio.  He’s about twenty years old and still enjoys watching birds.  Somehow the birds know that he is not a threat to them. 

The old kitty wakes me up early each morning so I rarely miss a sunrise.

I wish everyone a lovely week!
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