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Shubun Landscape early 15th century. Inscription by Son-an Reigen (Ts'unan Lingyen, 1403-1588):
"Wherever there is a stream and pleasant mountains, there's my hut;
But what I like most is where the bamboos are thick.
The gate is kept closed--it is not that I don't care to see companionable visitors
But that I still have some books to read for my daily lesson."
~from Zen and Japanese Culture by D. T. Suzuki
I've never been to Japan, but I resonate with the above painting and inscription.

From the corner of the world where I happen to live, here is an ordinary desert landscape:

The landscape includes mountains and a little stream.  I like to walk to where "the bamboos are thick" which is for me is where there are trees and it's quiet.  Here are some of the "books" I like to read:


The place where I walk is rather popular and people like to talk as they walk.  Their conversations (often into cell phones) seem to revolve around their work, relationships, shopping, and restaurants.  Rarely does the chatter acknowledge anything in the landscape where they are.  It's ironic that most of the visitors pay to park at the forest, yet seem oblivious to the natural wonders that surround them.  Yes, the people are a part of the landscape, an interesting part, and I'm grateful that they are there.  And, they probably don't mind (or even notice) if I venture off to where the "bamboos are thick" to study nature.

Here's a cool web page on How to Read a Landscape.

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