Craycroft Road Art

Here is some of the public art on Craycroft Road between River Road and Sunrise Drive. The wall treatments tie in with the agave themed art along Sunrise Drive featured on my Sabino Canyon blog.
After Craycroft Road was widened, mosaics were created to adorn the retaining walls. The artwork is colorful, yet subtle.
The material looks like ceramic tile or stone.

Green metal agaves decorate fences at regular intervals.
Beside wall treatments, I found that two free-standing sculptures had sprung up. This one is by the River Road Library. I think it resembles an agave and the base echos the shapes on the wall mosaics.
And up the road, this rusted metal sculpture blends in surprisingly well. It doesn't have pointy shapes like the piece above. Rather than agave leaves, perhaps cactus blossoms or prickly pear pads come to mind.

To complete the road improvements, the unsightly cell tower was camouflaged. Yes, the tall cactus pictured below is fake. It's a saguaro cell tower like the ones on Sunrise Drive.
I'm pleased that Pima County and the City of Tucson support public art. The installations I've shown along Sunrise Drive and Craycroft Road are site-specific. In future posts I hope to share some of the rich diversity of artwork to be found around Tucson.
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