Cactus Monday - Faux Oil Painting

Happy Cactus Monday :)
Welcome to Desert Colors! I started this new blog as a place to put my creative experiments and art related posts.

These are some of my recent experiments with oil painting in Photoshop. I followed this Photoshop Essentials tutorial. The tutorial shows how to set up the oil painting action so that it can instantly be applied to a photo without having to paint individual brushstrokes. I tried it out on many photos, with mixed results, but I do like the glass-like distortion.

The colors are quite saturated on this first one exaggerating the late afternoon glow of the setting sun on the prickly pear pads. Click picture for closer view.
I kept the colors more natural on the next two images.

I had the most fun with this photo of an old prickly pear cactus.
I rotated the canvas and cropped in for an abstract effect, before doing the oil painting action.
Then, I inverted the colors and cropped closer. I like this one the best, but the picture is small now and it won't enlarge.
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